Events at Fix

Live Music - Leify Green, Liam Kyle Cayhill and Travis Hayes

On Leify Green:

“Leify is best known for his involvement in the West Coast Swing dance community. In 2011, his cover of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” became an underground hit on the international Westie circuit. Since then, he has been on a constant tour of North America, performing live at major dance conventions, local dances, and intimate living room gatherings alike. More recently, he has gained recognition in the Blues and Fusion dance scenes and he has taught several musicality workshops for dancers all over the United States.”

On Liam Kyle Cahill:

“Raw energy and passion is the fuel behind the driving sound of Liam Kyle Cahill. There are few acoustic artists who can hold a candle to his powerful performances, contained within it whip-smart lyrics and earnest guitar chops.

He conveys a weary and worn honesty that is a rare commodity in the folk circuit of his generation. Liam’s goal: To be as “clever as Frank Turner, raw as Chuck Ragan, and vulnerable as Brian Fallon.”

His musical musings are as diverse as his worldly experiences. This young troubadour’s adventurous spirit has carried him all over the US, around Europe, Asia, and down through Central and South America. Listen deeply to Liam’s music. He has something good to say…”

September 29
Tuesday Trivia